We’re all familiar with the most popular hair trends this year: the balayage, the ombre and her sister, the reverse ombre, babylights, bobs and lobs… But if you’re looking to ditch your ‘do for something different this year, don’t count out a perm just yet.

We’ve been giving perms a bad rap lately. Just the word “perm” can bring up very specific (and very embarrassing) memories of us or someone we knew in the 80s.

Well, those voluminous, frizzy, perms of the past are no more thanks to the constantly evolving technologies of modern hair styling. It is easier than ever to customize the tightness and size of permed curls. So if you’re ready to try one of the hottest looks this year, read on.

The chemicals used by stylists today are nothing like what mom used in the 80s. The new perm we’ve been seeing is a more relaxed, natural looking curl. BONUS: it can last up to five months!

This may be shocking, but there are also many different types of curls a stylist can help you achieve with a perm in 2018: the multi-texture perm, the root perm, modern stacked perm, and gentle waves are some of our favorite looks that are achieved using perm.

The multi-texture perm is created using different sizes of curling rods so that you come out with different sizes and types of curls. This helps your curls look very natural.

The root perm is a solid option for people with short hair or hair that is thin. A root perm adds volume to (you guessed it) the roots of your hair.

The modern stacked style perm is essential the Perm 2.0, and works great for women who don’t have any layers in their hair. This perm is achieved by curling the middle and end sections of your hair, which give the illusion of layers. The illusion of layers and curls all from one hairstyle? Count us in!

Last but not least, we love the gentle waves that can be created through perms. For this look, ask your stylist to use large rollers that add volume to your hair. This look creates a soft and natural-looking curl that we know you will just love!

Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Sarah Jessica Parker, Chrissy Teigen, and Mandy Moore have been seen rocking their perms lately, and their “I woke up like this” waves are giving us major inspiration for our spring and summer hairdos—how about you?

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