If you’ve ever had to choose a new hair salon, you know what a terrible and stress filled endeavor it can be. You walk into the hair salon with low expectations and normally leave with an even lower impression after having received a terrible haircut. Isn’t there an easier way to choose a new salon?! Well thankfully there is and if you’re currently searching, here are a few tips for you.


Word of mouth is still one of the best form of advertising and one of the best ways to find a great hair salon is by asking those around you who you deem to have good hair. They can be friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances or even complete strangers. They key is asking people who have haircuts and hairstyles you would love to copy.

Check Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have changed the way we interact and communicated and finding a referral for a good hairstylist is one of them. In minutes you can reach hundreds of people who live near you for their recommendations and see pictures of the hair cuts done by that particular stylist or salon.

Look at Reviews

If you’re not getting the information you need from the people you know, or are in a new area where you don’t know many people, you can check review websites to see what other people have to say about the service they’ve been given. Don’t make a decision based on one bad review or one great one, but get a few to sample.

Accept an Invitation

Sometimes the best way to try something is to do simply that. We want to invite you to come by our salon and try our service for yourself. Our stylists will partner with you to find the cut or color you’re wanting to achieve and then work with you to make it happen. Contact our offices in Joplin, MO to schedule your first consultation.