Today we are going to be talking about something that doesn’t get much attention
on the blog: men’s haircuts! Nowadays, men have much more freedom to style their
hair in a way that best fits their personality. From short, to mid-length or long
haircuts, there’s a perfect cut out there for every man in your life. So, read on for the
men’s haircut inspiration you’ve been missing!

The Undercut
One of the most often asked-for cut is the undercut. Described as precise, attractive,
and neat, with a modern edge. To achieve this look, ask your stylist for close shave
in/around the temporal part, with a long, messy style fringe. The undercut is a
fantastic option for the man looking for a rebellious and modern expression. Note:
undercuts look just as unique on women, too! Ask your stylist today.

Short Haircuts with a Retro-Inspired Twist
This hairdo is all about the nice, clean part and sleek tresses. Just a comb and your
favorite styling pomade is all you need to achieve this timeless look.

The Buzz Cut
Hear us out: the buzz cut has been around for decades, but we saw this cropped
hairstyle get a whole lot trendier this year: introducing the comfortable buzz cut. To
achieve this look, ask your hairstylist to crop your top strands to be no more than 10
centimeters long, while the sides of your hair can vary in length from 2 to 4
centimeters long. This look is perfect for the low-maintenance guy, and is the perfect
hairdo for those looking to put more emphasis on their faces, jawline, and clothes.

All About the Grunge
It seems like everyone wants the effortless “I woke up like this” haircut lately. Most
often created with long, wavy hair, a partial color to your locks creates a moody and
interesting hairdo to experiment with.

We love working with men to create a haircut that they absolutely love and feel
confident in. If you or that special man in your life are ready to take your look to the
next level, whether that is through a new cut, color, or wax, please contact our salon
located in beautiful Joplin, MO to schedule your next appointment.