You deserve to look and feel your best. Professional eyebrow waxing can help you
achieve beautiful, manicured arches that last much longer than tweezing. Getting
your eyebrows waxed isn’t a scary experience, yet so many people have hesitations
before their first appointment. We find that more often than not, people are scared
of the experience because they just aren’t quite sure what to expect. If this sounds
like you, read on for all the waxing questions you want answered, plus some tips
from the pros.

Schedule Your Waxing Appointment Around Important Events
For the first few hours after your waxing appointment, the waxed area may appear
red. If you have sensitive skin, this could last longer. We recommend getting your
eyebrows waxed at least a few days before your special event to ensure that your
skin has had a chance to calm down.

You Will Need To Tell Your Eyebrow Technician How You Like Your Brows
Before you begin, you should consult with your technician on how you want your
eyebrows shaped. Do you like them full and defined, just have the strays cleaned up,
or do you like a high arch?
If you aren’t sure how to describe how you want your eyebrows waxed, consider
looking up a photo of eyebrows that you love, and bring the photo in on the day of
your appointment. This will ensure that you both are on the same page.

A Trim May Be Included
If needed, your eyebrows can be trimmed with scissors. This helps hairs stay in
place while your eyebrow technician shapes your brows.

Slight Discomfort and Redness Is Common
But no, there should be no pain. Your technician is trained to make your eyebrow
wax as quick and painless as possible. It’s normal to experience a bit of discomfort
and redness. Waxing is the process of pulling your hair out of the follicle, after all. It
is normal to feel a little irritation.
After your appointment, your technician will clean off any remaining wax residue
and apply a skin soothing moisturizer.

Good News: The Pain Will Lessen Over Time

The first time you have your eyebrows waved, you can expect to experience some
discomfort. The bright side is that the more you wax your eyebrows, the less painful
it will be. This is because as you wax, the hair grows back thinner and less will need
removed. Keep it up and before you know it, your next eyebrow wax will be a

Long Lasting Results
The reason why so many clients choose waxing over the traditional method of
tweezing is mostly due to the long lasting results that waxing provides. Your
eyebrows will look clean and sharp for three to four weeks before you need to
schedule your next appointment.

In addition to eyebrows, we have wax technicians available to perform lip, chin, and
full facial waxing as well. The hair experts at our salon want to make your waxing
experience as easy as possible. For hair and waxing services, visit Cindy at our hair
salon in Joplin, MO today.